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3 months ago

what is quality ? -Tony Bigmile

what is quality ? -Tony Bigmile
7 months ago

12 solid ways of working smart

12 solid ways of working smart

1. create a useful product or service that is going to benefit society as whole.

2. Do something you truly care about because you'll be in a better position to find customers easily and connect with them and keep them.

3. Focus on doing things differently from the competition. Do your research and find a gap ripe for innovation that will fit your business apart.

4 Simplify your message to be understand by people. Distill your message to something simple i.e great quality and sustainability and fun.

5. know who you are and what you starts for . It will help you to avoid beindg everywhere and wasting time or money on markets that doesn't represent you or resonate with your customers.

6. Use yourself in marketing. make a fool of yourself and stand for you.

7. Find your best tone and use it wherever you are.

8. Don't sell on social media, simlpy communicate with your customers in authentic way and have fun as you build an  online presence that people can identify with and trust.. simply sing along Treat me nice song by Elvis Presley.

9. Take care of the feedback from customers seriously.

10. Genuinely love and believe in what you do. Your enthusiasm will infect others.

11. If you make a lot of success, expand  in anything that interests yoyu and don't remain stagnant.

12. Get fully committed to find success / your work will show it.


courtesy of Richard Branson .. follow for more @tonybigmile mon twitter.

8 months ago

Theory of Hardwork.

Most people believe longer working hours and stressful solutions brings success. NO! Mind your health and wellness. Work with a stable mind.
9 months ago

Tricks on great Moves.

1. Research everything on your idea .2. Make your heart build something bigger. 3. Do you more
9 months ago

Stolen From Esskimo

If you provide genuine value, people will take it upon themselves to become a part of what you do. Your focus should be to get better at what you do.
10 months ago

Sorry! accept my Apologies.

Sorry! accept my Apologies.

I feel sorry I was not able to write the story today to completion.  One and a half of the content was unsaved when the power disrupted the progress for a minute.  The tittle of the story is ' My Love Storry'. I will write soon. I promise to write within this month.

 I will write again in the near future.

Accept my apologies.

 yours truly @

10 months ago

Three Deadly Things You are Aware of.

Three Deadly Things You are Aware of.

1. You are dating in a lovey-dovey feeling thinking that is how it will be in marriage.  That is a lie.  Decide who will be your spouse based on logic and reality. How he or she will fit and stir up things in your life alittle bit and generally reschedule your schedule positively. You can not be buying crisps and other ready made food in the house and think that that is the way to go. One of you must know how to cook and other one must be good with money. Two blind people cannot take each other somewhere apart from crash landing in a heap.

2. You are too formal with sura ya kazi kind of life.  This will eat your productive life since most of your friends are always afraid of formal people hence you will miss many opportunities because they will leave you to figure out most of things on your own which is a very dangerous stage in life. loosen up a little bit. You will be surprised getting an idea that will move somewhere you could not have known on your own.

3. you are too comfortable at your job when in reality you don't know the day your services will be no longer needed. Be on the look out for opportunities and save enough for the next venture. But before you do it, ask your closest neighbour. And that can be your child , brotgher , sister or a random person.


Finally: learn from the mentors..

See you at as you enjoy the safe haven song..